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Global Chess

"Everything seems unprecedented when you haven't engaged with history" - Kelly Hayes

Whit Rasmussen
Whit Rasmussen
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Global Chess

Ten days ago, news cycles around the world pivoted. Now, everyone is talking about Russia and Ukraine. We should be. The implications are far-reaching and heavy.

Global geopolitics are often equated to chess. Seeing as I am neither a gifted chess player, nor a geopolitical expert, I won't burden you with my opinion.

Instead, I'll share four thoughts from others which seem particularly relevant right now and differ from 24/7 news cycle rhetoric.

Everything seems unprecedented when you haven’t engaged with history. - Kelly Hayes

It is far easier to figure out if something is fragile than to predict the occurrence of an event that may harm it. - Nassim Taleb

It is difficult to remove by logic an idea not placed there by logic in the first place. - Gordon Livingston

It’s very common to be utterly brilliant and still think you’re way smarter than you actually are. - Charlie Munger

As an onlooker, I've thought about these quotes a lot lately.


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