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7 | Sunday Brunch ☕️

Your Contribution to Artificial intelligence, Brain-Breaking Illusions, & Contrarian Perspective on China's Bitcoin Crackdown

Whit Rasmussen
Whit Rasmussen
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7 | Sunday Brunch ☕️

Happy Sunday! Welcome back to our seventh Sunday Brunch newsletter - a concise curation of my favorite tidbits from the week.

Without further delay, grab your coffee, mimosa, water, juice, bloody mary, chocolate milk, protein shake, or whatever else the Brunchers are drinking these days and enjoy this week's issue.

Cheers Everyone.

Machine Learning Models - every time you’ve had to “select all images with boats” to log on to a website, you’ve been labeling data to train machine learning models.

Machine Learning models intake data for the machine to iterate and subsequently learn its way to the correct code. Without data, there is no Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence, and bad or mislabeled data is worse than no data at all. To gather data to feed the models, companies can either use open data sets, buy data, or generate the data themselves.

Maybe you've heard of Scale AI (not me), they raised a Series E funding round in April at a $7.3 billion valuation. Scale uses a combination of algorithms and human interpretation to label data for use in Machine Learning models. Unfortunately, algorithms aren't advanced enough at this stage to label everything effectively. So, instead of relying solely on the machines, Scale’s algorithms take a first pass at labeling the images, then loop in humans (us) for the trickier data. We (humans) label the unclear bits, and send correctly-labeled data to Scale, which checks the data once again with more Machine Learning and human reviewers before shipping the data back to customers, who ultimately input the annotated data in their models.

Super nerdy but incredibly interesting. Pat yourself on the back - you're a contributor to the future of machine learning models. More detail in the article!

Scale: Rational in the Fullness of Time
Meet the Five-Year-Old, $7.3 billion Stripe for AI

"This Illusion Broke My Brain" - watch with sound - without sound is dizzying, with sound and I felt my sanity slipping away.

China Leaving Bitcoin - you may have seen the headlines: China is cracking down hard on Bitcoin. I won't bore you with details in this venue, but the subject is one I've followed closely. Bitcoin (and other crypto prices) have plummetted since the announcement. Tensions are high.

The situation reminds me of a lesson a mentor taught me - "If you're swimming in the same direction as all the other fish, it might be time to swim off to the side, take a look around, and consider turning the other direction." With that in mind, the following quote from Naval was a very interesting perspective for me. Right or wrong, it's worth contemplating.

That's it for this week, everyone.

Thank you, as always, for your time. If you made it this far in the article, I appreciate you tremendously and am thrilled to have you in our community.

Feel free to share any thoughts, feedback, recommendations, or other ⤵️


Enjoy your Sunday & have a great start to the week!

See you Wednesday!

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