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5 | Sunday Brunch ☕

Creativity as a Team Sport, the Cooperation Economy, Framing Opportunities, and Simone Biles in Super Slow Motion

Whit Rasmussen
Whit Rasmussen
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5 | Sunday Brunch ☕

Happy Sunday! Welcome back to our fifth Sunday Brunch newsletter - a concise curation of my favorite tidbits from the week.

Without further delay, grab your coffee, mimosa, water, juice, bloody mary, chocolate milk, protein shake, or whatever else the Brunchers are drinking these days and enjoy this week's issue.

Cheers Everyone.

Multiplayer Media - Creativity is Becoming a Team Sport - the rapid reorganization of media is absolutely fascinating to me. I have no idea what the future has in store, but I'm incredibly excited about the prospects. Multiplayer Media is a thoughtful explanation of the core concepts. (The article may be paywalled - I highly recommend subscribing to The Generalist - but if you don't want to, there's no need to worry. This is a topic I will continue to explore in-depth in future posts).

We are halfway there. Though social media revealed everyone to be fundamentally creative and brought people into communion, it did so chaotically, destructively, largely frittering the surpluses of labor it unearthed. The next phase of creativity will build on its successes and address its failures, aided by new infrastructure and nuanced underlying governance and reward mechanisms.
Multiplayer Media | The Generalist
Creativity is becoming a team sport.

The Cooperation Economy - similar concepts to multiplayer media with broader context. Modern capitalism will provide plenty of headwinds, but we can already see some of the ideas becoming reality (particularly in media & early-stage investing).  

Companies need to compete to win. They need to generate more revenue, or get more ownership in a company, to make their economics work than individuals do. . . For individuals, cooperation is the winning strategy. There are rarely long negotiations and back-and-forths between individuals. As long as the opportunity cost to trying something is low enough, a DM and a 👍🏻 can seal a liquid partnership.
The Cooperation Economy 🤝
Or How to Build a Liquid Super Team

On Saying No - sometimes, quotes come into your life at the right time. The quote below from Grace Bonney certainly fits that qualification for me. Resharing here in case the words have a similar impact on someone else.

The biggest fear most of us have with learning to say NO is that we will miss an opportunity. An opportunity that would have catapulted us to success, or that will never come again. And most of the time*, that simply isn’t true. I’ve found that the first part of learning to say NO is learning to accept that offers and opportunities are merely an indication that you’re on the right path- not that you’ve arrived at a final destination you can never find again.

Simone Biles In Super Slow Motion - I've watched this at least ten times and still cannot believe what I've witnessed. Amazing.  

That's it for this week, everyone.

Thank you, as always, for your time. If you made it this far in the article, I appreciate you tremendously and am thrilled to have you in our community.

Feel free to share any thoughts, feedback, recommendations, or other ⤵️


Enjoy your Sunday & have a great start to the week!

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