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24 | Sunday Sift ⏳

From my journal - a story about my Uber driver's life and a simple prompt to consider

Whit Rasmussen
Whit Rasmussen
2 min read
24 | Sunday Sift ⏳

Happy Sunday!  

I hope you have enjoyed a fantastic week.

Without further delay, please enjoy this week's curation.

📝Article to Read

Fail Forward
An Uber driver’s wisdom of experience

This week's article is one I wrote in my personal journal during a trip to Dallas, TX in September. It outlines a conversation with my Uber driver, Juan, on a sunny Thursday morning ride to my hotel.

Deep life conversations with Uber drivers has become a favorite activity of mine. Juan's story is one of the many that stuck with me.

❓ Question

Have you ever invited a stranger to tell you about their life?

Next time you're in an Uber, give it a try. Maybe I'm lucky, but I've met some incredible people in Ubers.

  • A multi-decade airline pilot starting a business to promote corporate team building. (He also gave me great advice on my best man speech)
  • A previous advertising executive partnering with pro athletes and military special forces soldiers to start a revolutionary water company.
  • A world traveler from Nigeria with family across the world and a love for all things Chicago sports.
  • A previous police officer turned liquor store manager in one of Chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods who is actively working with young kids to promote healthy lifestyles.

People never cease to amaze me.

Everyone has a story to tell.

From personal experience, I feel confident when I say it's worth listening.

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