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18 | Sunday Sift ⏳

Meditation: a 2-minute introduction, Naval Ravikant on content consumption impacts to thought quality, and a question regarding unproductive thoughts

Whit Rasmussen
Whit Rasmussen
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18 | Sunday Sift ⏳

Happy Sunday!  

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‍📺 Video Worth Watching

Changing Perspective by Headspace

My single favorite explanation of meditation - the passing car analogy. Meditation is not only a calming, relaxing practice to temper your day. Meditation is training for your mind in the way exercise is training for your body.

💭 Quotes On My Mind

If you eat, invest, and think according to what the ‘news’ advocates, you’ll end up nutritionally, financially, and morally bankrupt.

-Naval Ravikant

Time spent undistracted and alone, in self-examination, journaling, meditation, resolves the unresolved and takes us from mentally fat to fit.

-Naval Ravikant

🧠 Question To Consider

Do you empower your unproductive thoughts to control your actions or do you control your unproductive thoughts by empowering yourself to act?

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